Thong Sandal Cycling Shoe Covers

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Shoe Cover Sizing:
L/XL: Men's shoe size 9+, Women's shoe size 7+
S/M: Men's shoe size 4-9, Women's shoe size 2 to 7

While other people spend their summer lounging around the pool, you spend it logging miles on your bicycle. Even though you may not have time to kick back with a drink by the pool, you can still get in the chill spirt of summer. Our thong sandal cycling shoe covers are a fun way to enjoy a little dose of Jimmy Buffett during your rides. And because one of the three available options is a thick material that will keep your feet warm during winter, you can enjoy your laid-back style all year long. The covers are available in S/M or L/XL sizes for a perfect fit. And their full zippered back means you'll be able to put them on in a flash.

Summer Material
Summer fabric is our lightest weight and will permit you to wear your shoe covers year round without overheating.
Fall Spring Material
Fall fabric will be toasty in the summer and still comfortable in the winter.
Winter Material
Winter fabric is meant to keep your feet warm! If you ride a lot in the cooler months, this is your choice!