Talon Cycling Shoe Covers

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Shoe Cover Sizing:
L/XL: Men's shoe size 9+, Women's shoe size 7+
S/M: Men's shoe size 4-9, Women's shoe size 2 to 7

If you want to have the fiercest feet on the road, our talon cycling shoe covers are for you. They're designed to keep your feet fully aerodynamic during even the longest of rides. Not only do they look great, but thanks to the contrast between the black and bright yellow, they can help increase visibility. The talon shoe covers are available in three different styles. The summer version helps to dissipate excess heat, while the winter style keeps the chill away. The openings on the bottom of the covers ensures that riders who use a clipless pedal system are also able to benefit from wearing them. Order the talon cycling shoe covers today to add a distinct flair to your rides!

Summer fabric is our lightest weight and will permit you to wear your shoe covers year round without overheating.
Fall Spring Material
Fall fabric will be toasty in the summer and still comfortable in the winter.
Winter Material
Winter fabric is meant to keep your feet warm! If you ride a lot in the cooler months, this is your choice!