Moccasins Cycling Shoe Covers

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Shoe Cover Sizing:
L/XL: Men's shoe size 9+, Women's shoe size 7+
S/M: Men's shoe size 4-9, Women's shoe size 2 to 7

You don't have to wait until you're cruising around the open water on a sailboat to enjoy a stylish pair of slip-ons. Our moccasin style shoe covers will keep your feet looking casual and cool even when your legs feel like spaghetti because you're climbing a steep hill at the very end of a long ride.
Our moccasins cycling she covers will prevent your shoelaces from flapping around, getting caught or making you less aerodynamic. The covers' full zipper back makes it very easy to take them on and off. We offer three different moccasin cover thicknesses. This ensures your feet will stay cool during the summer, warm during the winter and just right during spring and fall. Each thickness is available in S/M and L/XL sizes.