"DON'T RUN ME OVER" Cycling Jersey

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With over 60,000 US accidents a year involving a vehicle and bicycle, figuring out how motorists and cyclists can safely share the road is a problem that's far from being solved. While it can be infuriating to learn just how many of your fellow cyclists have been harmed by drivers, you're probably not going to run out and start yelling at every single person who's behind the wheel of a car. However, that doesn't mean you can't let your jersey do the yelling for you.

This jersey doesn't pull any punches. The back says exactly what most cyclists think at some point during every ride: DON'T RUN ME OVER

Even though this jersey is very direct, that doesn't mean it's rude. The front shows your appreciation to drivers for not turning you into a road pancake with a big THANKS!

What is club cut? Club cut is our gender neutral sizing. Club cut jerseys are meant to be a relaxed fit that is comfortable to ride in and not constrict or ride up. We put elastic in the arm bands and silicone rubberized waist grippers to make sure these fit great.


  • Silicone Gripper
  • Club Cut
  • Full Zipper
  • Three rear pockets

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