If It Ain't Fixed, It's Broke Cycling Jersey

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Multiple Gears and Brakes are for Wimps
Fixies are one of the few interests that hipsters and athletes have in common. While most athletes don't listen to Animal Collective to get pumped up before a race and very few hipsters carefully log their daily macronutrient intake, both groups do share a passion for fixed gear bikes. From their clean lines to their minimal weight, fixed gear bikes prove that less can be more.
Because you don't have to deal with flapping cables or squeaking brakes, fixies create a sense of oneness with their rider that simply isn't possible with other types of bikes. And even for athletes who aren't seeking a path of enlightenment through their cycling, a fixed gear can improve the consistency of their pedaling cadence. So whether you consider yourself an athlete, a hipster or even an athletic hipster, this cycling jersey is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you wear it for a ride.
This jersey is available in both Men's and Womens' Club Cut. Click here to see the club cut size chart.