Green Monster Cycling Shoe Covers

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Shoe Cover Sizing:
L/XL: Men's shoe size 9+, Women's shoe size 7+
S/M: Men's shoe size 4-9, Women's shoe size 2 to 7

Want to do the Monster Mash? Or simply in the mood to let your freak flag fly? Either way, you can count on having fun and being noticed whenever you wear this awesome pair of cycling shoe covers. What's great about this design is the green monster foot is visible on both sides of the covers.
While the feet look like they belong to a 450 pound monster, the covers won't slow you down. In fact, the covers are designed to eliminate any wind resistance created by the shape of your shoes. The three available thicknesses will keep your feet at the right temperature during any season. And thanks to cutout sole design, the covers are fully compatible with clipless pedal systems.