Basketball Cycling Shoe Covers

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Shoe Cover Sizing:
L/XL: Men's shoe size 9+, Women's shoe size 7+
S/M: Men's shoe size 4-9, Women's shoe size 2 to 7

You don't have to be over seven feet tall to enjoy a great pair of classic basketball sneakers. The only problem for cyclists is while these classic shoes may look great, they're anything but light. Fortunately, our basketball cycling shoe covers allow you to get the look without adding any significant weight. This design is a perfect homage to the classic basketball shoe look, including big white laces, side eyelets, white sole and signature mark near the heel.

Summer Material

Summer fabric is our lightest weight and will permit you to wear your shoe covers year round without overheating.

Fall Spring Material

Fall fabric will be toasty in the summer and still comfortable in the winter.

Winter Material

Winter fabric is meant to keep your feet warm! If you ride a lot in the cooler months, this is your choice!