Single Custom Cycling Jersey - Make your own Cycling Jersey

Single Custom Cycling Jersey - Make your own Cycling Jersey

Can you make your own cycling jersey?

Yes, you can make your own custom cycling jersey. In fact, we can make it for you. At we've been making custom cycling jerseys in small batches since 2008. It all started with a "design your own slogan" style jersey. We let people put their own slogan on the back of their jerseys to tell drivers exactly what the want. Now, we have designers on staff that can help bring your colors, logos, and ideas into reality. 

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Should I size up a cycling jersey?

We have sold cycling jerseys for almost 15 years now online. Our advice is if this is your first cycling jersey, go one size up from what you normally wear. Every single person I've ever met, when they purchased their first jersey ever, they picked a size too small. Im talking 100s of people here. Every one has purchased their first jersey too small.

Do cycling jerseys matter?

A cycling jersey will give you certain advantages over a plain shirt. I cannot think of a single advantage to a plain shirt besides the up-front cost. However, the durability will make t-shirts more expensive in the long run -- let me explain. Cotton shirts will get soaked every single day. The nature of cotton will make that shirt eventually wear out and stink. Any graphics on the shirt will fade, seams will come apart, and when you get hot, you'll be wearing a soaking wet garment. A cycling jersey will have a zipper that allows you to regulate cooling, it will have pockets in the back for your phone and snacks, and it will be made out of material that stands up to getting soaked and will dry very quickly. There is truly no better investment on the bike than a quality bike jersey.


How much do custom cycling jerseys cost?

We at sell quality bike jerseys starting at $89.99 each + shipping and that will include the custom artwork as long as its basic. If you want us to re-paint the monalisa, it might cost a few more bucks.

Thats for a high-quality, sweat-wicking jersey with full zipper and pockets.


Why do cyclists wear tight clothing?

Mainly due to the wind. Imagine riding for hours in a pristine landscape and the birds are chirping, wind blowing, and youre getting slapped constantly by by your loose jersey. Itll create chaffing.

Why are cycling jerseys full zip?

Improved ventilation mainly on climbs. When you're going fast, the ventilation isn't as necessary. But when you really start climbing and you're on a steep incline, the ventilation is great. It also helps with jersey changes and getting them on and off.


Should I wear a hoodie while cycling?

I've literally never even considered such a silly thing. Why on earth would you choose a hoodie over other options. Its going to be so un-aerodynamic. I really do not recommend it.

Do you wear anything under cycling jersey?

In warm weather I do not but in cold weather it's perfectly normal to wear a base layer. Here is an example of a great base layer.

Do you tuck in cycling jerseys?

No, bicycle jerseys never get tucked in. Never. Like never ever!

How do I look good in a cycling jersey?

I'll tell you a little secret. Most new cycling bib-shorts are tight like girdles. Like they literally cover up your gut. So they key to looking good in a bike jersey is wearing tight compression bib shorts.

How long should a bike jersey be?

If you look at the bib shorts, the pro's usually have a sponsor logo right on the back of their shorts near the top of their butt-crack. So your jersey should come down to right above where that logo is. Any longer and it will cover that sponsor!

Why do cycling jerseys have sleeves?

The way I look at it, the purpose of the sleeve is to protect you from the sun. You do not want sun over-exposure.

Why do pro cyclists wear skinsuits?

Aero gains and comfort. Skinsuits are generally more aero, more simple, and more comfortable. Fabric is more aero than skin. And the skinsuit will be much smoother on the air.

How do I look like a cyclist?

Follow the rules of the Offical Rules of the Euro Cyclist. You can find the full rules here

Can you wear a backpack on a road bike?

I would discourage the use of backpacks, messenger backs, crossbody bags, fanny packs while on a road ride. These are distractions. You need to focus on your riding and the riding of others around you. If needed, try a saddle bag or stuff as much as you can into a bag mounted on the bars. There are other options besides a backpack. Also, it's going to get soaked in seat.