Bicycling, YouTube couple escaped death by a whisker after a hit-and-run

Bicycling, YouTube couple escaped death by a whisker after a hit-and-run

Prominent YouTube couple escaped death by a whisker after a hit-and-run accident left them unable to walk.

Marcus Johns, 27, and his wife Kristin, 25, were run over by a car whilst bicycling in the neighborhood in what they allege was a botched robbery escape. The two posted the news on Instagram on May 13 saying it was a “miracle” that they are alive and Jesus had saved their lives.

The two survived but with huge injuries. Marcus broke his leg whilst Kristin suffered a broken femur and damaged hip. The couple believes that the hit-and-run was intentional but not sure of the motive.

Marcus (@marcusjohns) wrote saying, “I look down the road and heard an engine revving [all the way] up and it seemed like [in] the moment the guy was trying to hit us on purpose.”

“I said to Kris; 'What is this guy doing!?' He was driving erratically and swerving towards us. I tried to swerve out of the way but he just followed us to hit us. I blacked out until I got to the hospital," he recalled.

Kristin (@kristinjohns) also captioned the video she posted saying they had both had surgery. She was thankful for the moral support and love they were receiving from their legion of fans.

2Kristin in Hospital || Kristin Marcus/Instagram

2Kristin in Hospital || Kristin Marcus/Instagram

“We both had surgery this morning. I am thankful to have you guys who I know love us & have faith so please just lift us [up] & praise Jesus for saving us,” she said.

The couple was thrown over 15metres from the point of impact. Marcus lost consciousness but Kristin lived through the horrifying incident.

Although Marcus mentions a robbery, the police department has not yet confirmed the allegations as they remain silent on the case.

3Marcus in Hospital || Marcus Johns/Instagram

3Marcus in Hospital || Marcus Johns/Instagram

Across the northern border

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old Canadian cyclist was killed in a hit-and-run near Elmira Ontario.

The police said the suspect, a white man in his 20s around 6-feet tall with brown hair, fled the scene. He initially stopped to help the boy but sped off in his damaged Chevrolet Sonic. The teenage cyclist was pronounced dead at the crash site.

In another hit-and-run accident, a 32-year-old cyclist was killed in Brampton, Ontario. The incident happened on Bovaird Drive and Mississauga Road. Canadian police say the driver drove away from the scene, leaving the Brampton resident cyclist lying on the road. Efforts to revive the cyclist were fruitless.

Hit-and-run menace

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System (NHTSA) has reported that between 2015-2019, hit-and-run constituted over 20% of the fatal bicycle and car crashes.

Shockingly, hit-and-run incidents are reportedly increasing despite the Covid-19 induced lockdown which has reduced car traffic in the national highways.

NHTSA records show that 2018 was the deadliest year for cyclists with 857 people killed around the country since 1990.

Factors contributing to the rise in crashes include distracted drivers, high driving speeds, and negligence.

Drivers are urged to be more cautious when driving around bicyclists.